What’s going down at Rivertown

“New ideas must use old buildings”

– Jane Jacobs


It’s incredible what can happen when a  few people see the potential in something old and choose to bring it back to life. This is exactly what happened with 8 Morrison Street, Rivertown. Most of you have probably visited the Sunday Morning Trade, held in the warehouse, but this area is much more than just a market. It’s city development.

The 1905 warehouse is located 2 city blocks East from the International Convention Centre and this one forgotten, derelict building has had new life breathed into – effecting the entire heartbeat of Durban.

Apart from the Morning Trade Market, you will also find a bunch of creative art installations from Kim Goodwin , Sean Stretch and Pastelheart and Skullboy. We won’t give too much away  because we encourage you to check it our for yourself!

The hope of Rivertown is that it impacts and influences other businesses in the area and that Durban soon becomes a hub of creativity, lifestyle and culture – much like the Maboneng Precinct in Joburg (which was developed by the same people, Propertuity).

Regeneration projects like this make us proud to be a part of the development and construction world! We would love to hear your thoughts on Rivertown and ideas for further development in Durban or whatever city you live in! Drop us a line here: https://cousinssteel.co.za/contact-us/









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