Gantry Cranes

  1. Main Girder – For small span made of rolled joist profile steel, for larger span made of welded box construction with small dead weight.
  2. End Carriages – In welded box construction bolted to the main girder forming a high resistance assembly.
  3. Drive Units – Smooth and progressive drive criteria, since using direct drive units mounted on both end carriages. Easy brake adjustment. Fully enclosed gear units hardly require any maintenance even under worst working conditions.
  4. Hoist – LASCH compact electric hoist with crab proposed for double girder cranes, running on top of the bridge with electrically welded rails. Our standard range of cranes goes from 0,5 up to 160 tons lifting capacity.
  5. Hoist – LASCH compact electric hoist with low headroom design trolley. The trolley runs onto the lower flange of the main girder. Lifting capabilities 0,5 up to 25 tons.
  6. Contactor Control – Contactors mounted into dust proof panel. Other protections also available.
  7. Power Feed Along the Crane Bridge – High flexible flat cables hanging on trolleys running in C-shaped zinc coated rails. Practically maintenance free, with high reliability.
  8. Ideal Push Button Control – Push button control and cable moving at operator’s choice along the crane bridge without depending on the actual crab’s position.
  9. Crane Track – Standard in rolled joist profiles with rails welded in.
  10. Power Feed Along the Crane Track – Power collector trolley running in the protected current rail or high flexible cables for lengths up to 40 metres.

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