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Project Update: Ballitoville

Sep 29, 2014   //   by admin   //   Blog Post  //  Comments Off


Here is a closer look at a warehouse we built for Shree Property Holdings, for general use. You can head over to their website if you’re interested in letting this property.



The project took a total of 13 weeks from order to completion, which included working through the industry strike. We were requested to keep internal column spacing to a minimum so if you visit this warehouse you will find internals across the 60m span, at every alternate bay so the effective minimum clear area equalled 750m2. 3m tilt up concrete panels and columns were used around the perimeter to expedite the building work.




Project Update: Toyota Umlazi

Sep 23, 2014   //   by admin   //   Blog Post  //  Comments Off

We had the privilege of putting our creative juices together to design a Toyota Showroom for Morgan Creek Properties out in Umlazi.

The project took us eight weeks of hard graft which included a few delays concerning municipal documentation. The aim was for the showroom to be attached onto an existing structure.


Here are the results:




Top Tips for Civil Engineers

Sep 18, 2014   //   by admin   //   Blog Post  //  Comments Off

As you may or may not know, at Cousins Steel International, design, engineering & drawings are all completed in-house. We employ professional engineers and technicians who offer a complete design & construction solution.

For all of those current and aspiring civil engineers out there, we thought we would give you some helpful advice. So we approached one of our top engineers,  Adam Oldfield and asked him what his top engineering tips would be. Here’s what he had to say:


Whilst being a professional requires an extensive knowledge of ones field, it is imperative to seek guidance from other professionals in any areas of uncertainty.

Keep a full record of all correspondence in writing.

Just because a client or architect has shown a specific detail (flat roof) on a drawing, it does not mean you need to follow it. Make justified recommendations – see point 2 where not considered.

Always teach your team as opposed to instructing them.




Project Update: Zamori Cold Store

Sep 16, 2014   //   by admin   //   Blog Post  //  Comments Off

We were contracted to build a Cold Storage Facility for Zamori (Pty)Ltd and have thoroughly enjoyed this project.

The steel portion of the project took us 11 weeks and the balance is cold storage and high level racking, so the contract for this particular project is fairly long. The design of this facility is to allow for heavy machinery, plant and cold store panels to be integrated on the structure.


Have a look below at the construction process of Zamori: