As part of the customised service offered by Cousins Steel International, a wide range of specifications are offered to all aspects of the steel structure and its components.
Roller Shutter doors and a customised sliding door design, perfected through in house research.A variety of different ventilation options, including the customised CSI monitor, developed to maximize both ventilation and natural light.

Gantry crane rail design, as well as provision for any type of overhead lifting requirements.

All types of insulation from standardised bubble foil to closed cell high density, rigid, extruded polystyrene. Cold storage insulation also available.

All types of roof sheeting ranging in a number of different profiles and materials to suit any application.

Both positive fix and concealed fixing systems available.

Corrosion protection designed to suit site specific requirements.

Engineers Certified – All structures carry an Engineers Certificate of stability and are designed in accordance with SANS 0160 & 0162 and BS 5950.Steel Frames – All steel complies with SANS 1431 grade 350WA steel. All work is carried out by qualified boiler makers and coded welders. All welding complies with the South African and British codes of practice. Corrosion protection is achieved by degreasing the steel and priming with a self etch oxide primer. (Painting of finish coat is optional and recommended as site work). Hot dip galvanising is also a recommended option.